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SOS believes that every person can learn to live free of self- destructive patterns and be responsible; can feel loved, healthy, whole, and be part of a community that cares.

Specialized Outpatient Services, Inc. is a private, not for profit outpatient substance abuse/behavioral health outpatient treatment program that is supported by private donations.  SOS operates on a sliding scale fee system that is meant to keep our rates low or (free if needed).  SOS is able to do this as a result of our active fundraising programs.  We want to open our doors to more clients and families, while educating more people about alcoholism and other drug dependencies. We definitely need your help. You can make a difference in the lives of clients and families beginning the process of recovery.  Your personal commitment, prayers, and interest will help us meet these goals.

How To Donate:

Specialized Outpatient Services, Inc. of Oklahoma accepts contributions and donations of cash, in-kind items, and/or volunteer’s to support SOS in its mission to offer quality, caring, and professional substance abuse/behavioral health services to individuals, families, and the community who normally could not afford it.  Approximately 93% of all contributions go directly toward treatment programs.  Donations may be tax deductible, depending on your personal circumstances. (For information on how your donation may be treated for your own tax purposes, please consult your personal tax advisor).   Specialized Outpatient Services, Inc. of Oklahoma is registered as a nonprofit 501©(3) charitable organization with Internal Revenue Service.

Cash Contributions:

To make a cash donation, please send check or money order, payable to Specialized Outpatient Services, Inc. to:

Attn: Charitable Donor Services

 Specialized Outpatient Services, Inc. of Oklahoma
5208 Classen Circle

OKC, OK 73118

If you desire your donation to be used specifically for one (or more) of our programs, please indicate which one(s), either on your check or in a cover letter. The programs for which donations may be specified are:

Rainy Day Recovery Fund:

·         Supports making treatment services accessible to adults,
teens, children, and families (who could not afford services on their own).

Building/Support Development/Property Fund:

·         Supports the development of the Property Trust Fund

·         Supports purchasing needed office/support equipment

Community Education/Advocacy Programs:

·         Supports developing community education, awareness, and advocacy programs

Staff Development:

·         Supports SOS’s need to hire additional qualified, caring, professional staff

·         Supports staff education growth and development



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